By using this website, hopefully we could have a system that could be used for our base business. There are several applications installed in here such as HR Management, CRM, Timesheet (Dynamic Time), Accounting and Project Manager.

To access the applications, you need to log in first, then click on the dashboard on top left, then click again the top left. HR & Accounting page are under WP ERP, or simply click the department in homepage.

Also we hope that it could help to improve our coordination with team in field, where field's team could also access or upload the data needed in this site.

HR Management

We could request leave and see our entitled days left in each employee's dashboard. Any announcement could also be published.


We could track any transactions & invoices, see and generate report such as balance sheet, income statement etc.

Project Manager

We could assign any task to anyone per project based on our morning meetings or any meeting.